It’s No Secret – Breathing In Eden’, is an experimental motivational short, with footage drawn from the production of the upcoming feature documentary, ‘IT’S NO SECRET’. The film features the music and onscreen talent of Paul Summerlin, and intertwines breathtaking nature cinematography by Diana Michelle.

It’s No Secret a film project by Diana Michelle and Paul Summerlin, is a quasi-autobiographical-docu-drama about acute mental illness, profound healing, and triumph over a lifetime of struggle. Following the current life of a prominent musician and yogi – and including testimonials of friends, relatives, and colleagues – the film delivers a deeply unique perspective, which delves into the mystical philosophy of the film’s subject and co-creator. The project was completely unexpected for both filmmakers; and it has already been a life-changing experience. Not only is the subject telling his story for the first time, he is directly a part of the production itself. This results in a few unexpected turns in the narrative. Ultimately, “It’s No Secret” could easily be filed under “Spirituality/Religion”, since the highest message of the film is a deep faith and trust in God; and the subject of the film has formed his own illuminating teaching based on his life of continuous searching.

Watch the full documentary below: